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Callaway Of the Month August '03

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Sam Esquenazi's 1991 Callaway Corvette


This month, we feature a rather special Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette owned by Sam Esquenazi.

Sam’s Callaway is # 1991-019 and wears white paint with red leather sport interior with a black soft top. This Callaway was originally ordered for the owner of Dymags but according to Sam, was never delivered due to “some problems between Dymag and Callaway”.

As it turned out, Corvette Mike was the selling dealer, he sold it overseas to a famous watch maker Phillipe Charriol [CLICK HERE] Charriol owned it till May of 99, when it was traded back to Corvette Mike. Sam bought it in June of 1999 from Corvette Mike himself and took the car to Texas.

Mike told Sam that originally Charriol had paid over $120,000 for the car and had it sent to Switzerland where it was kept until its return to the United States.

Sam contacted Callaway Cars shortly after purchase for some additional details on this unique Callaway and was told that it was one of six Callaway B2K cars ordered in 1991 as a Convertible with the Aerobody package.

This Callaway is all original with the exception of a K&N air filter, 160 degree thermostat, Hypertech chip, and a new high flow exhaust system. All original parts have been “tagged & bagged” for storage as this car gets extreme care and attention.

Sam’s Callaway wears OZ 17” wheels, as that was part of the Dymag mystique – Supplies of the Dymags were non-existent so the OZ’s were substituted on some of the last B2K’s. Sam’s Callaway still wears the Callaway specified Bridgestone Potenza radial tires and recently turned 14,000 miles.

Sam not only drives this Callaway frequently but he also is familiar with how to maintain these machines. He owns another 1988 B2K Callaway and if you see a 200mph blur across the desert deep in the heart of Texas, it is probably Sam out cleaning out the carbon;)

Enjoy your Callaway Sam – thanks for sharing!

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