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Callaway Of the Month July '03

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Joe Kennedy's 1987 Callaway Corvette

This month, we feature “Turbo Joe” Kennedy’s 1987 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette.

 The first time I encountered Joe’s Callaway was back in 1998 at the Corvettes @ Carlisle show in Pennsylvania. It was wearing New York tags then, sitting within the sea of Corvettes at the show. Shortly after, an ad appeared in Hemming’s that caught my eye – and Joe’s too. Joe called the owner and a deal was struck for the pristine 24,000 mile B2K.

 The next time I saw this car was at a local Virginia car cruise-in. Joe and his new bride were out cruising and had brought the Callaway out for a bit of fun. Joe’s car is very subtle, wearing a deep shade of gray paint on the exterior with dark glass, with the only clues that this is a Callaway were the NACA ducts on the hood, a few emblems, and those beautiful seventeen inch Dymag wheels. While most folks were not quite sure what to make of the car at first glance, once Joe popped the hood, it was quickly understood that this was a rather special Corvette.

 Joe’s Callaway was one of the last 1987’s built and therefore, it left Old Lyme wearing the larger Dymag wheels. In addition to that, the car is fitted with the “megaphone” exhaust and a host of Corvette options including the 4+3 standard transmission, electronic A/C, dual power sport seats, Bose Stereo, and of course RPO B2K on the console label.

 The Callaway is used for pleasure and Joe shows it regularly. Don’t get the impression that this car gathers dust – Joe drives his car often, as it now has over 50,000 miles and he has been known to autocross the car or run in road events as well.

Joe is no stranger to Callaway Corvettes as he previously owned another.

 His earlier Callaway Twin Turbo was another 1987; however, it was equipped in a very unique form. It was ordered with few, if any options as it had cloth seats, manual A/C, and not even a rear window defogger – what it did have was Turbos!!! His earlier car was one of the four 1987’s converted after car # 87-184. His Callaway wore the hood with “blisters” to feed cool air to the intercoolers and the rather elusive Callaway Ducktail spoiler. Joe’s white 1987 also had Callaway decals applied to the rear fenders as it was used for some promotional work at some point. Joe sold the car in the mid 90’s and it now resides in the Carolinas.

 Joe – Keep on enjoying that Callaway!!!

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