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Callaway Of the Month June '03

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Malcolm May's 1990 Callaway Corvette

This month, we are featuring a very special Callaway Corvette from overseas.

The Callaway of the Month for June 2003 belongs to enthusiast Malcolm May from the U.K.

 Malcolm has owned his 1990 Callaway Twin Turbo for a little over a year and seems to be having a blast with the car. Corvettes are not new to him. This Vette is Malcolm’s third one, as he has owned a 1993 before this and his first one was a 1984. He purchased this Callaway after initially looking for a clean stick shift C5. However, Malcolm says manual transmission cars are tough to come by in the U.K. and, in the process of searching, he stumbled upon this Callaway within 200 miles from home. He decided he should take a look at it as it was “different and unique”, and Malcolm knew this to be true, as he had only seen 5 or 6 for sale over the past 12 years. Upon seeing the car, Malcolm said that was all it took, with a quick test drive, and he knew the car had to be his. He brought it home the following week and has been enjoying the whoosh of the turbos since.

 Malcolm has had a few “teething issues” with the car since taking ownership. However, only one has really been “Callaway Specific” and he sorted out the “MicroFueler” like a pro as it had separated from its harness. Once power was restored, Malcolm was out back making blasts in his unique Callaway.

 Malcolm’s car is one of very few export Callaways that have been delivered new in the U.K. without catalysts in place. His car wears the original Dymag wheels, has the Delco Bose CD and FX3, as well as, a host of other options. 

Malcolm says, when it comes to Corvettes, “If you want a distinctive fast sports

car with plenty of virtues, get a Corvette. If you want a sports car that's

rare, wild, different, much faster, with the capacity to terrify you with its ability to hit silly speeds while pushing you and your passenger deep into the seats, get a Callaway!”

 Thanks Malcolm – Enjoy the car!!!

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