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Callaway Of the Month July '04

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 Dave Russo's Callaway SuperNatural 425

1992 Callaway SuperNatural #001

This month, we feature a rather unique Callaway “CL1” SuperNatural™ Corvette, owned by Dave Russo of California.

There are more than a few things that make this car unique, the biggest being; it is the first SuperNatural™ that was built, as production geared up in 1992.

Dave’s SuperNatural™ was purchased on October 20, 1992 from David Chevrolet in Southington, CT and shipped to the Callaway facilities in Old Lyme for its transformation. Being the first car, means it was used for development purposes and this car was also used for testing and validation purposes of the engine package.

Dave’s correspondence with Callaway’s engine shop Manager during that period, Steve Batchelder said, Lingenfelter Performance assembled the first two engines. Steve mentioned how Callaway had recently wrapped up the RPO B2K production and had not yet tooled up for the SuperNatural™ production. While one of those two engines were sent to Germany, the other was used for emissions and dyno testing, accumulating 4881 miles during that period - That is the engine still in his car today.

Dave purchased the car in 2001 from Corvette Mike in Southern California, on consignment. He had originally seen the car at the Corvette Fever Vette show & racing event nearby in Sacramento. One of the sales people at the show had brought it up to the event and with Dave casually looking it over, he said he had no initial plans to purchase it. Like many of us who are awestruck by these cars, Dave could not get the SuperNatural™ out of his mind and about a week later, he bought it without ever sitting in it – not to mention his wife hadn’t seen it either!

Dave had Corvette Mike ship the car to Florida where he and his family were on vacation. It was scheduled to arrive before his wife & kids flew home however, it came a day late so she still did not get to see it. One of Dave’s sons had stayed back with him and when the car arrived, they drove it home 6,700 miles, through 27 States on the way back to California.

Dave recently had the car back east, driving it in the Corvette 50th Anniversary Tour. He relates that both trips were, “a blast and the car ran great with absolutely no problems”. He has taken the car to various tracks, including Laguna Seca, Thunderhill Raceway, and Sacramento Raceway, and it has also seen a few “stoplight battles”, so far – no disappointments!

Currently, Dave uses the car for local pleasure cruises and date nights with his wife.

Callaway modifications include the SuperNatural™ 425 engine, SuperNatural™ Exhaust, and Callaway Coilover suspension. In addition to the Callaway modifications, Exotic Muscle long tube headers & Random Technology catalytic converters have been added, a Holley Power Charger air filter with cut lid, and a GAGS bypass for the 6 speed.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Dave’s Callaway as much as I enjoyed have J  – CC.

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