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Callaway Of the Month October '04

Welcome! The Callaway Owners Group is dedicated to the preservation of the world's most powerful Corvette.

 Paul Becker's 1989 B2K

This month, we are pleased to feature an all-original Callaway B2K Twin Turbo Corvette. Owned by Paul Becker, this car has some many neat features and also has a rather nice tale on how Paul came to own the machine Enjoy! CC.

I guess it all began at 16 years old when I heard open side exhaust pull into the driveway as my father purchased a hotrod 60 Corvette after seeing it for sale on a lawn. Two Corvettes later after purchasing his new 78 Pace Car we went into the Corvette car cover hobby business. Being custom tailors by trade it just made sense!

Once of age I started owning Vettes myself and really enjoyed making them as nice as they could be. After learning that my 67 tri-power a/c car was a re-stamp at a NCRS regional, I said that's it with the old ones. I'm going to get a new model. Bought a 6-year-old 85 with 3000 miles. Perfect med. gray metallic, only problem was I wanted a manual. In the back of my mind I was thinking a Callaway would be nice. That brings me to my story of 89 #17.

It was Blooming Gold 1993. Left my booth to check out the auction. In the premier tent was a dream. The son was there representing his 70 year old father, the original owner. I talked with him at length and studied all the paperwork. I walked with the car all the way pulling up to the tent. Someone commented, " That's not the right exhaust, they quit the megaphones in 88." I thought who cares! It sounds like nothing else. Not being pre-registered with certified funds or letter of credit, I figured to watch my dream sell to someone. It shot up with heavy bidding and then stopped. The auctioneer then told him to pull out, but said it was only barely short of the reserve. I thought, you mean I could get that car for that? Dozens of people got up and followed the car back to the tent and swarmed it. I gave my offer (below highest bid); he said he needed to call his dad. This was before most cell phones but I had one of those "early bricks" so I told him to follow me to the booth. This also got him away from any other buyers. Deal was made, just gave him a check and drove the car out.

Now we had 3 cars with the 2 of us. Many friends offered to drive the Callaway home for me, but that was not going to happen. I sold the 85 in 3 hours and drove my new machine home.

It has performed flawlessly for 11 years. I am constantly amazed by the car. It is one of the first all black 6-speeds and loaded with options. Part of the original deal was the megaphone exhaust; I think the last original one.

I felt on an island for many years not knowing any other Callaway owners. Slowly met a few then hooked up on CAC and went to Carlisle in 2003, meeting a lot of great folks. Preparing to be in the Special Collection at Bloomington Gold, and then participating, has definitely been the highlight of my 11-year Callaway ownership. It's great to see the company regain a lead in new Corvette engineering and backing our special vehicles. When I got this car I said, this is my last one. But after hearing about the C6 Twin Turbo project.............hmmm.

Course it will be too much money for me! If money were no object, the TT ZR1 Super Speedster would be mine right now!

Thanks for looking at my story. Thanks to Chris who is responsible for keeping us together, informed, connected, and the cars alive! & their respective authors. All Rights Reserved.

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