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Callaway Of the Month September '04

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 Chris and Natasha's 1993 SuperNatural 425, 40th Anniversary Convertible

Texas Twin: Separated After Birth

One day, while searching ads, I found a rather unique sounding 40th Anniversary Corvette for sale. At the time, I was considering a Corvette convertible for my wife to drive and looking for something unique to keep the miles off our pristine Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette.

The car in the ad seemed to fit the bill… 1993 40th Anniversary Callaway SuperNatural 425 Corvette Convertible with Aerobody.

The car had a familiar ring to it and after contacting the seller; I realized it was a Callaway I had read about almost ten years ago in a magazine. The car was featured in Corvette Quarterly Magazine – fall 1993, when the cars – Identical twin Callaway SuperNatural Corvettes were constructed out of 40th Anniversary convertibles. This car, and its identical twin were constructed for Texas business partners Gil Labbe’ and Gordon Andrus and became part of a rather extensive Corvette collection. These Corvettes were also special as they are some of the very few SuperNaturals that were drop shipped to Old Lyme for construction as part of the SuperNatural program ordered new in Texas, they were delivered in a ceremony with Reeves Callaway presenting the keys upon delivery.

Once the details of the car were obtained, I verified its correctness through Callaway Cars Inc. Joanne Mercer at Callaway Cars has all sorts of information at her fingertips, which may aid in a purchase – Joanne can be contacted at

She provided a list of Callaway options added to the Corvette, which included:

SuperNatural 425

SuperNatural Exhaust

52mm Throttle Body

Coilover Suspension System

Aerobody + Install

-add for center exit exhaust mod.

Run Flat Wheel / Tire System


It should be noted that the Run Flat Wheel / Tire system was the first of its kind used on a production vehicle.

With all that information in hand, I flew down to Houston with a friend and picked up the Callaway. We traded off driving duties and made the 22 hour trek home to Virginia straight through the night, following much of the same path outlined in the original article from Corvette Quarterly years earlier – The “Texas Twins” were now “Separated after Birth” J

Since bringing the Callaway home, it has made a visit back to Old Lyme, CT where it was initially constructed for a re-blessing by the folks at Callaway and a bit of a homecoming.

We have also taken it to many local Corvette events in the Mid Atlantic area and recently, it was part of the Callaway Display at the annual Corvettes @ Carlisle show.

While at the Carlisle show, a gentleman approached the car and asked if it was out of Texas. I said it was – he replied how he had always wanted to see the car in person and it had been featured and documented well by the 40th registry. The gentleman was none other than Keith Boi who founded the 40th Registry. Keith and I chatted on the “Fun Field” about the car and all its history and later on Saturday, he surprised us by selecting our Callaway as his “Celebrity Pick” at the Corvettes @ Carlisle event.

In addition to the Callaway Corvette options, the car also features an extensive list of Corvette features.

These include 6 speed manual transmission, FX3 Adjustable suspension, Auxiliary hardtop, Sport Leather interior, Dual Power seats, and Delco Bose CD / Cassette.

Because the car is a six speed, it is also equipped with a 3:45.1 rear axle ratio, which is fairly rare in a convertible however; the most recognizable features are the Callaway options and the sounds the car makes while rowing the gears are delightful (I have used the radio only a handful of times as I prefer the music from the center exit pipes).

Since purchase, I have added a few small touches, some made especially for this car. They include the Callaway Throttle body “425 ID Plate” and the brilliant Callaway Valve covers.

Recently, the Ruby SuperNatural was invited to be part of the Bloomington Gold Special Collection XX display, in St. Charles, Illinois in June. It was a very special event and between the 22 other Callaway’s on display, as well as the Hall of Fame cars featured too, it was an impressive collection in that Grand Ballroom. Each car selected was further documented in a show program that was more like a book than program – truly a memorable event!

We are really enjoying the Callaway, as the SuperNatural series cars are ones that can be driven in the true sense of “Powerfully Engineered Automobiles” J

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