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Callaway Of the Month January '05

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Tony Cardiello's Callaway Commemorative Edition C8

Kicking off the New Year, we are pleased to bring you a very unique Callaway C8 as the Callaway of the Month.

Tony Cardiello owns four fantastic Callaway cars; each one is a different approach to the same idea – MORE POWER!

            As if a Callaway SuperNatural Corvette and C9 Impala SS along with a B2K Twin Turbo Corvette were not enough, Tony set his sights on building a Super Camaro – a one of a kind showcase for Callaway’s latest bodywork, the Commemorative Edition C8.

Beginning life as a Camaro SS Convertible, Tony told me he had to have the SLP option package from GM which added a ram air and other trim items. A formidable performer off the showroom floor, Tony was looking for more.

Originally the car was sent north for the CamAerobody package, which was where I first saw the car being prepped for finish. During that process, the color was changed from bright red to a dark red selected by Tony. A striking contrast to the white top & interior, Callaway Sport has been added to the seats and a leather wrapped roll bar was installed as well.

While the cars finish was being applied, Tony finalized the details on the power plant for his C8. While the LS1’s are great engines and can be enhanced by stroker cranks and the like, Tony had a chance to do something really special with this car – a C12r block became available and Tony jumped quickly on that chance! Developed by the entire engineering team at Callaway Cars this engine displaces 6.8 Liters and churned out 550 horsepower. Tony’s C8 is capable of 11 second quarter mile times on street tires and while at the track, actually spun the tire a few inches around on its rim during launches!  The Callaway team was so proud of this car that they presented Tony with a carbon fiber battery cover with the team members signatures on it – a true sign of pride J

The C8 wears 17-inch OZ racing wheels and is fitted with drilled Brembo brakes to haul down the car from speed. Callaway exhaust with the familiar “Double D” tips are in place and at wide-open throttle, an aggressive growl is emitted with authority.

Tony has quite a collection of Callaways and shows no sign of slowing down with his collecting, bringing to life the old saying – “he with the most toys wins” J

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