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Callaway Of the Month July '05

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Reeves Callaway's C12


Not a carbon copy…

             “Breathtaking”, a word often overused, simply cannot describe the effects of this one-of-a-kind Callaway C12. Like all C12s, the car was constructed out of carbon fiber and sits an impressive two meters wide, but it is there that the similarities end. While no two C12s share the same color and trim options, each car was uniquely hand built the way the customer ordered. This car, called “Inky Blue”, isn’t really painted at all. The blue hue you see shining through is actually a dye added to the clear that was laid over the carbon-fiber weave. Each piece of the carbon cloth is cut and laid to match the specific pattern found the weave and then “cleared” beneath a tinted blue laminate for an effect extremely pleasing to the eye. No random pieces anywhere, this car would be very difficult to repair, should the unthinkable happen.

            Although the effects of the finish often leave onlookers speechless, Callaway’s craftsmanship does not end there. Inside the carbon C12, a brilliant lipstick-red leather and suede interior was fitted. Covering every single inch inside, this supple interior is pleasing to the senses and beckons one to keep the windows up while driving, as not to let the scent out.

            Upon lifting the hood, the carbon theme continues. Beneath the carbon fiber injector covers resides Callaway’s latest SuperNatural™ power plant. Displacing 6.8 Liters, this C12 has 550 horsepower on tap. Performance is also recognized through the aforementioned wide stance. Sitting two meters wide, a derivative of Le Mans competition, the wide stance rides on Pirelli Pzero Rosso tires, developed specifically for the C12 road car.

            It’s definitely one of a kind; there will never be a carbon copy of this car. Reeves Callaway and Company originally made this car as a rolling showcase to highlight their expertise in carbon craftsmanship, and the car was successful in gaining contracts for similar work with other manufacturers. However, the car itself has recently moved on to a new home. It is the C12 that Reeves Callaway has decided to keep for himself… an excellent choice!


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