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Callaway Of the Month ~ March '05

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Steve Osborn's 1991 Callaway B2K

            This month, we are pleased to feature a very unique Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette finished in an extremely rare color combination.

             Built on January 19, 1991, Steve Osborn’s Quasar Blue Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette was ordered new by Purifoy Chevrolet in Fort Lupton Colorado. Ordered for display in their showroom, this B2K rolled off the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, KY and was shipped to Callaway Cars in Old Lyme, CT to become the 53rd Callaway Corvette for model year 1991. Purifoy fitted a twelve-piece Greenwood body kit to the car once delivered and the car was on display until March 31, 1992, when the first owner took delivery.  Part of the deal, the new owner had Purifoy remove the Greenwood body kit and fit a Callaway AeroBody to the car and deep-tint all the glass.

             In addition to the standard options, this car features the RPO Z07 performance handling package, dual power seats, Delco Bose Cassette / CD sound system. Electronic climate control, dual roof panels, and the Callaway Koolof windshield option. Loaded up and out the door, the window sticker on this car was $90,628.50 and that was BEFORE another $8,815.78 in taxes – WOW!

             Steve tells us that he is the fourth owner of this awesome Callaway and purchased it in November of 2003. He adds that when he got the car home, it needed a bit of T.L.C., as the seals in the turbos were leaking on the intake side and the oil pan hose clamp was loose for the scavenger pump return line as well. In addition to those woes, Steve found one of the water lines to the turbo was going bad and leaking and that too was replaced. Over the winter of 2003, Steve cleaned and repaired everything including coating the major exhaust components.

             Steve displayed the car in the Gold Field at Bloomington Gold in 2004 where I caught up with him to see the car. His Callaway now has about 21,000 miles and Steve says the car just needed its legs stretched, as the previous owners must have babied it too much.

             Future plans for this Medium Quasar Blue Metallic B2K are the upgraded “Flange Back” Callaway Megaphone exhaust and the 100 Plus package to be installed – Sounds like the car is in GREAT hands now Steve – Enjoy! J

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