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Callaway Of the Month May '05

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1995 Callaway CR-1 LM Edition


This month we are pleased to feature an incredible Callaway Corvette owned by John Christensen.

Based upon the race-bred Callaway LeMans series cars, the cars run at the various tracks saw much success in racing and from this, a street version was born. While many enthusiasts are familiar with the LM bodied variants, they were predominantly based upon the LT1 engines with very few exceptions, this car being one of them.

Beginning life as a 1995 ZR1, it was a powerful car to begin with however, 405 hp wasn’t enough for John and soon he has the Callaway SuperNatural™ 490 engine residing between the frame rails. In addition to the motivation factor the new power plant provided, John also opted for Callaway’s big brake option, utilizing Brembo brakes to help slow down the 500+ horsepower when necessary.

John’s Callaway was now on its way to becoming one of a kind, as the next step was the installation of the seductive bodywork for the car. While the Street version LM’s had been seen before, none were wide as this one – yet…

Since the previous cars constructed, including the race-LM’s were all “narrow-bodied cars”, the construction of John’s car encountered a problem – how to get John the car he wanted, while keeping the theme of the LM in tact. The solution, was to utilize the carbon fiber front end and side components of the LM bodywork and adapting the standard AeroBody™ tail with some of the LM effects, covered in dark purple metallic, it has made for a very tasteful execution of design for this one of a kind road car.

Now that John’s Callaway had the power and looks taken care of, he shifted his focus to the inside. John visited Callaway’s factory in Old Lyme for some more ideas and decided that a Speedster style leather interior was in order next. Selecting colors form a custom palette, John chose plum and magenta for this Connolly leather and Wilton wool carpeted masterpiece complete with leather covered roll bar and harness belts for he occupants.

Topping off John’s creation, a set of RW magnesium five-spoke wheels were added, complementing the package. 18 inches in diameter, these wide wheels sit 10 inches in the front and 11 in the rear and are fitted with Pirelli P-Zero tires, 295 (f) and 335(r).

Featured as part of the Bloomington Gold Special Collection, John’s LM has also been to other shows, including Corvettes @ Carlisle and many others in the New England area, grabbing looks of amazement wherever it goes. John has recently added a set of stripes, painted over the car in the same style as the race-LM cars; it pays homage to the cars colorful racing heritage.

Enjoy your Callaway John!

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