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Callaway Of the Month August '06

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Chris & Natasha's 1989 RPO B2K Callaway Twin Turbo


 This month, we are pleased to bring you one of  my favorite Callaway Corvettes ever! While I may be partial to it, it is the Callaway that I first chose to own, enjoying every aspect of the car. The story below details how I came to own this amazing car and some of the fun we have had with it since - I hope you find the story as enjoyable as I do sharing it with everyone! ~ CC.

    Ever since seeing my first sighting of a Callaway twin turbo, I knew I had to have one. I recall the first time I saw one, in person, back in June of 1988 at Rosenthal Chevrolet at the annual Corvette show held at the dealership. The car was a black coupe and was sitting just inside the showroom doors. As a young enthusiast, I took a few pictures of the car and went home with my dreams.

     Over the next few months, I put my Callaway fantasy into the back of my mind, that was until I saw a dark red 87 Twin Turbo thunder past me on a local street. I turned around to follow the car to get a better glimpse of it and lucky for me, it turned into a shopping plaza. I approached the owner and asked if was indeed a Callaway Corvette. His reply was “go see for yourself”… Well the real deal it was!!! An 87 B2K, 4+3, Dark Red with graphite leather, boost gauge in the dash and the “megaphone” exhaust… I was hooked for good now!

     Over the next few years, I read about all the Callaway Corvettes being featured in the various car magazines and continued to see that car around town until 1991 when the owner sold it (for a ridiculously low price of twenty thousand dollars) for another Vette. During all of this time, I was building my enthusiasm even more for those unique Corvettes.

     …Fast forward to 1997.

     In the summer of 1997 while attending the Callaway Reunion at the Corvettes at Carlisle show, my excitement for the Callaway cars rekindled itself. There were all sorts of exciting Callaways there and at that point, I knew it was time to start looking.

Reality cut that idea short as I got married in 1998 and soon after, we were expecting a baby.

    One evening, with my wife 8 ½ months pregnant, I found an ad in a national car magazine with a 1989 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette for sale with only 1800 miles on it. I though that would be the closest thing to what I wanted new, back when I first laid eyes on that Callaway in the Rosenthal showroom. With the ad in hand and full of excitement, I went to discuss this with my wife. With her so far along with the pregnancy and with me unsure of what to expect with parenthood, I decided that the timing was not right and never asked her.

     As time went on, I never got that car out of my head… Then, one day, in the fall of 2000, while surfing the internet, I found an ad for a Callaway that seemed like the car I had passed on back in 1999. I e-mailed the “seller” only to find out it was not his car and he was trying to help out the owner. Due to extenuating circumstances about the situation, he advised me he was not representing the car any more but gave me the telephone number of the person who was. I figured the car was not for sale and let it go at that.

    I let it go until one day, I came across the telephone number and since I couldn’t get rid of my “Callaway Fever”, I decided to call. It turned out to be a broker for the car as the owner was recently widowed and had been overwhelmed by “well wishers” wanting to buy or sell the Callaway for her. I discussed the car for over an hour with the broker and owner and determined that the car was a pristine 3000 mile example of the car that I had lusted over for so many years. Upon reviewing the equipment and options, it was discovered that not only does this Callaway have every option you could get on a 1989 Callaway Corvette but it turned out to be the EXACT same car I had considered back in 1999. With that in mind, I approached my wife with the idea that I go to the Midwest to look at this car. She agreed and once terms were met regarding the purchase, we hooked a trailer to the truck and she, and our two year old daughter, and headed West.

     As the garage door slid open I knew the car was everything the owner said it was. I took the owner on a drive around in the Callaway and informed her that I was going to buy it. My dream was now a reality. With the help of one of her friends, we loaded the car onto the trailer and headed back east.

     As a post script, I would like to note, after purchasing the Callaway, the seller related to me how her husband had always wanted an Aerobody Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette. She went on to say, how it was his third Callaway but definitely his favorite. At that point I was overcome by a great feeling… By me passing on the car when the timing wasn’t right for me, I allowed another to enjoy the car for a time and ended up with the Callaway in the end.

     Along the way home, we caught a lot of attention hauling a bright red Aerobody Callaway twin turbo on an open trailer and somewhere around Illinois, my daughter said her first big word – “Corbette”.  ~ CC.

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