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Callaway Of the Month January '06

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1994 Callaway CR1


This month we are very pleased to bring you a rare example of the SuperNatural™ series of Callaway Corvettes.

Sometimes cars are more than just a pretty face, which is certainly the case here with this Callaway owned by a West Coast Corvette collector who asked to remain anonymous for the story. While the owner was already a fan of the plastic car from Bowling Green, his search for what would become the ultimate Corvette began in the mid-90’s.

 Picking up a 1994 ZR1 to serve as the foundation of this machine, it was originally one of the desirable Z’s painted in Admiral Blue. Never really seeing the pavement when new, it was one of the few cars sent right to Old Lyme, CT for the Callaway SuperNatural™ 490 treatment. While the Admiral Blue is a neat color, there were over 100 ZR1’s that year in the same hue. Not one to stand in a crowd, the owner picked a few colors from Callaway custom color program and had the car sprayed a two-tone Tangerine, over a bronze lower section. While the colors themselves are a striking combination, it is the Callaway AeroBody™ that was installed during this time that makes a lot of the (visual) difference!

            While the owner had the looks and motivation departments covered, he also wanted to address the stopping power of this beast. A set of Brembo cross-drilled rotors with calipers were installed front & rear along with Callaway’s Coilover suspension, allowing full adjustability at each corner. Callaways Single Mass flywheel and beefier clutch round out the driveline along with a set of Callaway’s headers with integral catalytic converters being installed for good measure – and performance!

            While most would be done by now with the car, this owner was not quite satisfied. What else could set this machine apart in a crowd? A full leather interior might do the trick, and with that, one was installed. Now we are not just talking about seat coverings and the dashboard here - the entire interior was redone in leather, including the places that once had carpet over them. Under the Wilton wool floor mats sits leather, and lots of it! The transmission tunnel and the entire back cargo area are sheeted in leather, making this collector’s car truly one of a kind!

            While initially the car had very low mileage, the owner has taken the car a few times across the country to various Corvette shows, including the annual Corvettes @ Carlisle event in Pennsylvania where we caught up with him for the pictures. An amazing car, this SuperNatural™ has turned out to be for the owner. Taking a chance and checking off all the option boxes he could, one omission is evident – the owner decided to keep the exhaust outlets in the standard locations rather than forgo a spare tire. I guess this SuperNatural™ 490 is practical after all!

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