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Callaway Of the Month July '06

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Callaway C12


 This month, we are pleased to bring you one of the most exotic Callaway Corvettes ever constructed. The Callaway C12, visually, is one of the most exciting cars ever made! Don’t let the pretty wrapper fool you into thinking that it is just another pretty face – this car has the Callaway modified 5.7L 440 hp engine under its carbon fiber hood, producing more than enough power to accelerate into the next dimension.

 Featured in numerous magazines and auto shows, this Callaway has quite a visible history which also includes being used as the model for the C12 featured in the Project Gotham Racing X-Box game. Constructed for Reeves Callaway's father Ely, the car has many features, unique to this particular C12. While owning a car such as this might be just a dream for most of us, I had the fortunate opportunity to spend some time behind the wheel in what I consider, "my date with a supermodel."

It should be noted that just recently, I had the pleasure of driving this car again and to say it was a pleasure, would be a huge understatement! The car was everything I remembered from before. The feel of the leather, the scent of the rich interior, the power is only one part of this vehicles aura.

From the moment I pulled onto the highway, I had a car full of fellas, shout out their admiration for this fine automobile - I have to agree, it is indeed, "an awesome car!"


Following up on the Callaway C5 Power Group article with a subsequent drive & evaluation of the newly installed 6.8 Liter power plant in the Z06 should have been straightforward enough….

            I was all set to pick up the test car up at the Callaway Cars display tent at the Corvettes @ Carlisle show, however, my plans soon changed drastically. I was to pick the car up and drive it for the night, returning it the following day; so with my wife all set to go, we headed for the car. Once at Callaway’s tent, I worked on finalizing the plans to bring the car back when my wife decided to make plans of her own. “This is the car we should take, not that other one”, as she pointed to the sleek and ultra rare Callaway C12 that sat beside the Z06 under the tent.

            My immediate response was, “business before pleasure” as I really needed to finish up the evaluation of the car and besides, I figured I wouldn’t be leaving with the C12 anyways. My wife kept insisting upon taking the C12 saying, the car was so gorgeous and powerful looking. Although I kept saying no, my wife was determined and since she is never wrong, how could I possibly disagree…

            Remembering the proverbial saying that you don’t get what you don’t ask for; within 30 seconds, we were seated in the C12, engine running and away we went.

            Powered by Callaway’s 6.2 Liter 480 horsepower engine, this car is never short of breath. This car has many unique features including the last body made from the “prototype tooling” and the early design Callaway full leather interior – this car engulfs you in its aura!

Driving a C12 is like an event, plain and simple. After leaving the show, we returned to our hotel to get ready for a night out on the town. Driving through the streets of downtown Harrisburg, PA. was interesting. It seemed that part of the town’s roads are massively under construction and narrowed with little to no warning – fine if you are driving an econo-box but the C12 sits a full two meters wide. Paying attention while driving was the order of the day!

At sidewalk cafés, folks would get up and leave their tables to get a better look while we sat at traffic lights. Other motorists slowed down and grinned or offered an enthusiastic “thumbs-up”. The following day, we fired the C12’s 6.2 Liter V8 and pointed the 480 horsepower towards the highway, heading back to the Carlisle grounds.

            Not one to return a dirty car, I made a pit stop at the wash station upon entering Gate 3. Even washing the car became a show with this machine, rinsing the dust and road grime from the car, the brilliant silver paint shined through. Rounding the isles and back to the tent where we began, I knew it was time to say goodbye to my date with a Supermodel.



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