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Callaway Of the Month May '06

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Miller Family Collection – 1991 Twin Turbo Speedster

           There are no secrets about this next Corvette – I love this car! Within the center of the Miller Family Collection, sits my favorite car of the group!
Black pearl metallic with a power red interior, this unmistakable 1991 Callaway Twin Turbo Speedster is one of only twelve Speedsters ever constructed. Purchased by Chip in celebration of his 50th birthday, it was his gift to himself, “his reward,” son Lance explained. “Mom, Dad, and I all sat down (with Reeves Callaway) and chose the colors and options much like one builds a house.”
Lance said that all of them agreed without hesitation on the colors and further, “we all knew that it would be one of the coolest cars in history”.  Lance seemed very pleased to have had a hand in something so dear to his father.
Aside from the 403 hp and 575 lb-ft of torque that this car produced, the car also features exclusive Run-Flat wheels and tires, Brembo brakes, Callaway C.O.I.L. suspension and of course, no roof!

~ CC.

 The owners perspective:

 At Corvettes at Carlisle in 1992 Dad, Mom and I met with Reeves Callaway and Paul Deutschman (the designer of the Speedster and the aero body) to discuss color combinations for the last B2K Callaway in a run of over 500 twin turbo L98 Callaway Corvettes and 10 Speedsters. (Mom and I talked Dad into purchasing this car) This car is the tenth and final Callaway Speedster made.

Reeves wanted us to go with a dark green exterior with a pumpkin color interior. Reeves is never wrong. But, we just couldn't bring ourselves to agree to the pumpkin interior even though Dad's birthday was around Halloween. We looked at color charts but kept coming back to Dad's favorite exterior color: metallic black. Reeves agreed, but only if the interior was bright. Lipstick red was chosen. When the car was delivered on Dad's 50th birthday, the red was much different then we had expected however, the more we looked at it the more we liked it.

This car is one of a kind, just like the owner was - RIP Dad (Chip Miller). Your car is in good hands!

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