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Callaway Of the Month September '06

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Callaway SuperCharged SSR Sport Truck



            This month we are pleased to bring you a very unique and significant Callaway vehicle – the Callaway SuperCharged SSR.

            While the SSR is a fairly unique vehicle to begin with, this particular SSR helped kick off the new SuperCharged program that Callaway Cars has begun on their current product line of new cars, the C6 Corvette. Sharing the LS2 with the Corvette, this SSR benefits from deeper breathing through un-natural aspiration – one of the first Callaways to do so in over a decade!

            Equipped with an Eaton/Magnuson supercharger, the blower adds ~ 160 hp over the factory level. With a set of custom pipes, the tuned exhaust note speaks with authority! While the new pipes help expel the spent exhaust gasses, it is the custom fabricated airbox that acts as a ram-air for the supercharger, filtering air through a Green brand filter.

            Other changes under hood, are much more subtle. The entire wiring harness has been sectioned to afford clearance for the supercharger and a side benefit is, the wiring is routed around the engine bay, making for a much cleaner look with the hood propped. Other subtle differences between this car and one you might find on the road are the custom bars beneath the rocker panels. Etched with the CALLAWAY logo, they reflect like a mirror! Up front, famed Callaway Cars designer, Paul Deutschman designed a new nose fascia, cleaning up General Motors’ design – subtle, yet very effective.

            Inside the SSR, the gauge cluster has been branded with the CALLAWAY font along with matching floor mats. The entire vehicle has also been covered in a unique shade of blue that is not typical to the Chevrolet offerings. Firing up the SSR and taking it for a spin, the console mounted torque gauge quickly sends its needle to the right side of pegged – with a maximum readout of 400 lb-ft of torque, a greater range of motion is necessary for this supercharged Callaway. Bringing the excitement to a halt is effortless, thanks to a set of massive set of brakes, complete with drilled rotors and eight piston calipers – this brings new meaning to the word, Whoa!

This one of a kind Callaway vehicle is now with its new owner, taking a special place in their collection of cars. We appreciate the opportunity to have been able to see it in person, sharing its story with you -

Enjoy!  CC.

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