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Callaway Of the Quarter - January - March 2007

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1991 Callaway Speedster # 91- 007


    This month, we are privileged to share with you, a very unique Callaway. One of the ten B2K based Speedsters constructed, this is the second one built. Constructed soon after the Speedster's introduction at the LA Auto Show in January of 1991, its original owner HAD to have one and sat down with Reeves Callaway for what you see here. Recently changing hands, its new owner has taken the time to share its story with us - Enjoy! CC.

    Back in 1991, I had just started working for my current employer. Although I had my 1963 convertible that I bought when I was 18, most of my Corvette dreaming at the time was just that – dreaming. It was a great time to be a Corvette fan, what with the introduction of the ZR1 the prior year, and then I happened to see some magazine articles about the Callaway Speedster. I had heard of the B2K option cars before, but hadn’t really followed them much. But the Speedster was something else entirely. Just the photos of the car took my breath away. My heart told me “someday I’ll own one of those”, but my brain, ever the rational one, replied with “fat chance”.

    It’s been about 15 years since that time, and a few months ago I was able to tell my brain to ‘stuff it’ because I suddenly had the chance to purchase one of these beautiful cars. I am still collecting documentation and information for the car, but here is what I have been able to gather so far.

    This Speedster started life ordered as fairly run-of-the-mill Turquoise Metallic convertible Corvette. A gorgeous color choice to be sure, but this particular car had so much more in store for it. ‘Corvette Mike’ Vietro, the West Coast Callaway dealer at the time, had seen the Old Lyme Green Speedster at the LA show, and decided to have one built. He ordered this car through Valley Chevrolet in Wilkes Barre, PA, with the B2K option, almost immediately after the show, and it was shipped to Callaway Cars in Old Lyme as soon as it rolled off the assembly line.

    Together with Reeves Callaway, they decided on a Purple Haze color for the exterior, wrapped around a Pink Clay leather interior, an unusual, yet striking, combination. They also opted for the new 450 HP Twin Turbo treatment. Reeves gave the early Speedster customers their choice of car numbers in the series. As a result, although this was actually the second Speedster to be built, Mike chose ‘007’ for the series number.

    This particular Speedster has never been titled, and is still on the GM Certificate of Origin. It has also rarely been driven, showing only slightly more than 800 miles on the odometer (OK, it had only 700 when I got it, but I HAD to drive it some…). I am continuing to do the research on the car’s history, and will share what I can find out on the Callaway Forum.

    Stay tuned…


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