2008 Q4 Callaway of the Quarter

Luigi's 2008 Callaway C16 #008

I jumped the gun in the summer of 2007 and shipped the very first 6.2L based Corvette to Callaway. At the time I was not sure if I would supercharge or do the full C16 conversion but I loved the C16 package and felt that I had to move forward with it. Because of the change in the Corvette engine for 2008, I knew that the process would take some time since a new supercharger would be required. In the mean time, I saw Corvettes sit in the Callaway lot awaiting the design of a new supercharger and then in early 2008, the birth of MP-122 would bring Callaway Supercharged power up to 580HP. Though a great amount of power, it was still a ways from the 650HP which had been promised for the C16. And so I waited...

The Spring of 2008 was full of excitement with the news of the ZR1 numbers published. The ZR1 engine using the same base LS3 block used a new type of supercharger from Magnuson, the TVS which are a newer 4 lobe, 160 degree twist lobe design which is more efficient and quieter than the MP-122 used in the LS-3 based Callaway Corvettes. The ZR1 with a different intercooling design is able to generate 638HP. And time passed... but I knew that Callaway was going to surprise me, surpassing all possible expectations. And they did.

Callaway C16-008 is my car and it is the first Callaway C16 to be based on the Callaway/Magnuson TVS 2300 supercharger. Along with some bottom end motor changes, it provides 650HP (SAE corrected). My donor car is a Crystral Red Metallic 3LT Coupe. The application of the Crystal Red Metallic paint on the C16 body is a much deeper color than the GM factory tintcoat. It is trully beautiful. The interior leather is Black with a dark gray Alcantara inserts to match the hood buldge color, and the beautiful stitching is red to bring in the exterior color of the car. The GM stock carpets are replaced with beautful wool carpets color matched to the Alcantara insert color, a breathtaking combination.

To bring the whole project to a fantastic closure, it was unvailed at the "2008 Art and the Automobile Show" which celebrated the works of Callaway designer Paul Deutschman and presented to me in a most dramatic way by both Reeves and Paul.

This car has already shattered all possible expectations!!!