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Welcome! The Callaway Owners Group is dedicated to the preservation of the world's most powerful Corvette.

Callaway Owners Group - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Callaway Owners Group all about?

A: The Callaway Owners Group (COG) is a group of Callaway owners and enthusiasts who look at the Callaway cars with great passion. The COG has hosted and participated in various Corvette and car related events across the United States all with its mission goal in mind – “Dedicated to the preservation of the World’s most powerful Corvette”.

Q: What makes a Callaway (car) a Callaway?

A: In short, it is any vehicle that was constructed or engineered out of the group of Callaway Companies – While the Callaway Corvette is our general focus here, we also recognize the other Callaway cars including, Camaro (C8), Impala (C9), C7, and others.

Q: I own a Callaway Corvette – how do I sign up for the COG.

A: Simply email your information along with the info on your car and you will be added. At that point you will be put on the COG email distribution. Our email is

     In addition to contacting us, you should contact Callaway Cars to enter or update your Callaway in the Callaway Cars database.

Q: Why don’t you charge money or dues like most other car related groups do?

A: We have an agreement with Callaway Cars to operate our group in the way it has. In doing so, it is understood that no dues or profit be gained from the usage of the Callaway name. Frankly, it works and is so simple and refreshing to most, to be able to have such a resource without costs to the owners J

Q: How long has the COG been around?

A: The Callaway Owners Group was formed in the spring of 2002 by a small group of owners looking to take a more formal approach to their hobby.

Q: Are you affiliated with Callaway Cars?

A: No. While we are independent;  we do enjoy a relationship with Callaway Cars and appreciate the tremendous support they have shown since our inception. Callaway Cars has sanctioned our group and is an integral part of many of our events. In return, we support them to the fullest.

Q: Do you have a newsletter?

A: Not in the true sense of a “mailer”. As mentioned earlier, no dues are collected; therefore, our communications are generally online in our Callaway Forum, or by e-mail – this is one of the reasons why keeping your contact information current is so important.

Q: What can I expect from the online site?

A: Every month, we bring to you an article feature called the “Callaway of the Month”. This exclusive feature highlights a car from the past, or one of Callaway Cars’ current projects and brings you images often never seen before.

We also update the site as news and information comes in. However, many of the most current news items are seen within topics on our Callaway Forum first – check often.

Q: As an owner or enthusiast, how can I show my support or otherwise participate with the COG?

A: As either, you are more than welcome to come out to the various events we host or participate in. As an owner, bringing your car out to these shows is a big part of this – we have been able to secure special COG benefits at events as a result of owner participation and hope to see you at the shows!

 Another way you can participate, is if you have an article or other feature for the COG website, you can submit it to us for publishing online to the e-mail address on the main page here.

Q: How else can I participate?

A: In the online Callaway Forum, often topics come up with a request for information – It is always appreciated when another’s experiences can be utilized to benefit another – this is the spirit of the COG, exchanging information to help each other out.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us an e-mail.



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