Jaegermeister Porsche 934

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Jaegermeister Porsche 934

Post by CallawayC8 » Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:48 pm

Here is an old post I wrote for another forum. I thought I would share it here:

This is the original Jagermeister Porsche 934. My father owned this actual car back in 1979-1980. He bought it from Max Moritz Porsche, who raced it extensively throughout the European circuit. The car was chassis number 930 670 0168, and it was sold to Moritz in 1976.

The car was originally orange from the factory, and it campaigned in this color for 2 years. When we got the car, it was painted white, and wore the Weralit and Rocko sponsorship. It had just won the German Sprint Championship, and my father bought it to race Daytona and drive it on the road!!! He also had the Ferrari 512 LM Boxer that he bought from Luigi Chinetti (NART in the USA), but found it too loud for street use. He got constant tickets in the car, but decided a turbocharged car would be considerably quieter. (my dad did not like to lose a street race!!)

The car only got driven very rarely on the road, but it was entered into the 1980 24 Hours of Daytona, with Jack Reffening, Ray Mummary, and Wren Tilton as the drivers. We left it in Sprint Trim, which was extremely quick, but very hairy to drive. Since the car was slightly outclassed by now (935s, 935ks) we felt that its only chance of a podium was to leave it in Sprint Trim and change drivers more often to keep them fresh.

This tactic actually paid off, as the car was running 4th overall at the 16 hour mark. We were ahead of the Whittington's 935, the Interscope 935 driven by Danny Ongias, and were trying to close in on the Joest 935. The performance of the Sprint Champion Car was great, and it was living up to its reputation.

Jack decided to stay out for one extra shift in the driver's seat. He was running the toughest shift and trying to close on the 3rd place car. Just one lap earlier, the 6th place car blew its tranny dumping fluid onto the entrance to the main straight. Jack got the 934 in the mess, and lost it, hitting the wall right on the front straight. Many asserted that Jack was slightly run down, and that the setup had bit him, but I don't think anybody could have saved the car in that situation.

The 934, which was actually known as the 930-4, was designed to race in the Group 4 class, which did not allow very wide tires, or changes to the fenders. They also had to carry more weight than a Group 5 car, and most 934s actually left the factory with power windows still installed! This is what made them so difficult to drive. The 930-5, or 935 as it was know, competed in the Group 5 class, which allowed modified fenders and wide tires. Porsche 'interpreted' the rules, and changed the entire rear bodywork as the rear 'fenders' and shoveled the nose down to create downforce. The cars actually began life with the same engine, but the 935 could use the power better.

It was a testament to the old 934 that it ran for so long, ahead of the pack of 935s. Jack bought the car from my father, and used all of the pieces on Wren's 911 RSR at Sebring. The car was entered as chassis 0168 at the 12 Hours of Sebring, and the history books show this, but it was not correct. The actual car was getting repaired, and it was later sold back to Germany.

The car traded hands a few more times, and actually went back to Jack, but it ultimately returned to Germany again, this time to get restored into its original livery. The car can be seen today, as it first raced back in 1976, or it can be seen in scale models by Tamiya or Exoto.
Original Livery
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The car appeared in the 1980 program (The Toothfairy Lives--inside joke)
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As we raced it in 1980
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