Callaway Racing at Sachsenring

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Callaway Racing at Sachsenring

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Hannawald will fly again in Sachsenring on the podium
First start by Heinz-Harald Frentzen in Saxony

Ski legend Sven Hannawald (36, Munich), the ADAC GT Masters race at the Sachsenring can (12 to 15 May) not wait. A year ago, the motor racing career changers at Sachsenring for the first time, drove in his racing career on the podium and finished second in the standings. This year, the native axis will in his old home and also back up the bindery of Callaway Corvette Competition will inform the former Formula 1 World Championship runner-Heinz-Harald Frentzen (43, Moenchengladbach). For the three-time Grand Prix winner is the mountain and valley station in Hohenstein-Ernstthal a first.

The start of the season at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben ran for three weeks for the runner-up in the 2010 amateur rating not yet on track. In the first race was Hannawald fourth in the amateur championship, the second race dropped out, the duo Hanna Forest / Frentzen after a technical fault. 'Competition in the ADAC GT Masters is enormous, the power density is incredibly large, "Hannawald said after the start of the season with a record field of 40 super sports cars. 'The start in Oschersleben was not a dream start, but I am convinced that it will go much better at the Sachsenring. " Part in it has also lodged a day of testing at Hockenheim, the Callaway Competition with Hannawald and Frentzen before the race at the Sachsenring has. 'During the test I did my best ever lap times at Hockenheim. Heinz-Harald and I were very happy, 'Hannawald is optimistic about the remaining races of the season. 'Is Heinz-Harald Frentzen for the ADAC GT Masters and
the Corvette territory. is the first race for the two first learn the very top of the program. It is a normal habituation process, it takes three to four races, "said Axel Watts, who for the 'Dream Team' in the ADAC GT Masters stands responsible.

Hannawald is pleased not only because of the good results last year at Sachsenring. Hannawald was born in Johanngeorgenstadt Erzgebirge. His first steps as a ski jumper he made in the nearby Klingenthal. "I am looking forward to my teammate Heinz-Harald Frentzen to show my old home." At the Sachsenring may Hannawald also strong local support to be sure. 'After I drove last year at Sachsenring on the podium, I have received a lot of great fan mail. The fans are unique in Sachsenring, where you always get great support. Last year, after the race about 200 fans have besieged our box and applauded, as you ever get goose bumps and writes very glad autographs. "

All 16 races of the FIA ​​GT Championship will be there again in 2011 by free to air TV channels a cable broadcast live on Saturdays and Sundays at 11.45 clock in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The sports channel SPORT1 sends Highlights of the ADAC GT Masters Sachsenring in the ADAC Masters Weekend magazine on 21 May at 11.45 clock.

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Sachsenring fan and local hero Sven Hannawald (Callaway)

Last year, Sven Hannewald drove at the Sachsenring in second overall podium

Sven Hannawald will explore with Heinz-Harald Frentzen, not only the Sachsenring, but his old home

In tests at Hockenheim have Hannawald Frentzen and learned a lot

Right in the thick of ADAC GT Masters: Sven Hannawald / Heinz-Harald Frentzen in Oschersleben

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