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Re: Callaway Camaro Pics:

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A Hendrick car is on ebay: ... AUS%3A1123

Apparently the guy has one ordered but doesn't want to drive it when he gets it and wants somebody else to buy it from him.
2010 Hendrick Motorsports
25th Anniversary
1 of 25

Hendrick Motorsports, a NASCAR racing organization has commissioned Callaway Cars to develop and build a limited edition run of Hendrick Motorsports 25th Anniversary 2010 Camaro SS vehicles. The 25th anniversary Camaro will include a host of engine, body and interior modifications. Under the hood power has been increased from 426 to 582 by way of Callaway's Eaton TVS series supercharger, high-flow air filtration system, low-restriction exhaust system and engine tune. The suspension has also been upgraded with Callaway coil springs, shock absorbers and anti-roll bars. Keeping the power firmly mounted to the road is a set of new Callaway wheels.

Body modifications include Callaway manufactured carbon fiber front splitter, rear spoiler, rear diffuser and rocker panels. Hendrick Motorsports 25th anniversary badging is displayed throughout the vehicles exterior, interior and under the hood. Performance for the Camaro includes a quarter mile time of 11.89 seconds at 120.1 mph with a 0 to 60 time of 3.9 seconds.

If you want to catch a glimpse of this vehicle in the near future you will have the chance at the SEMA show next week as the first Hendrick Motorsports 25th anniversary Callaway Camaro will be on display at the Chevrolet booth. Production will be limited to just 25 units. NOTE: PHOTOT'S FROM SEMA

I ordered this limited production 2010 Hendrick Motorsports/Callaway Camaro and intended to use it as a driver however I think it is to much of a collector to be used. Car is due in late December Early January. Car will be on free and clear title with delivery miles. Buyer is responsible for shiping, don't miss your chance to own a true collector.

Questions? Email Rodney @
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