Callaway C8 for sale in Istanbul, Turkey

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Callaway C8 for sale in Istanbul, Turkey

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Looks unusual. Likely created from an export European car as it has Trans Am seats in it (all export Camaros had them). The grill is a little unusual. I would assume they did not get the egg crate style grill when they purchased the aerobody... could this be a Fornasari car?
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They seem to be asking for about $15,500 unless that price isn't in Turkish Lira, and I don't get the impression it actually has a Callaway engine. Although the translation I did is weird, it seems like it has the 3.8L V6 engine... though they claim it has between 276 and 300 hp. Which is just contradictory. They also claim it is front wheel drive. The cubic centimeter range equals around 220 cubic inches, which is more in line with what the 1997 V6 Camaro was... which was 233 if I remember correctly.

Either way, seems like a good way for someone to get an aerobody if you live in Europe. Nice way to get a nose emblem too. Price is high, but I imagine Camaros are exotic in Europe.
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