NIssan 300zx Callaway

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NIssan 300zx Callaway

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So I recently found this 1985 Nissan 300zx Turbo.It is in pretty rough shape but only has 125000km.I started taking the car apart for rebuild when I started to find some after market parts.When I opened the hood I found a sticker on the rad support.Fairly worn but readable.It says call callaway Turbo systems for tuning.I am assuming that it was built by callaway when he first started the turbo systems.I could really use any paperwork or info about the car.BY the way the car is for sale as well.For the right price of course.
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Re: NIssan 300zx Callaway

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We at the COG do not have infomation on specific cars. Please contact Callaway Cars directly, see I do not know how far back in time their records go before the Twin Turbo Corvette Program.

Attached is the only information related to the 300ZX program. I know that their "Bump Up System" was both installed by Callaway Turbo Systems and sold as a self install kit.


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Re: NIssan 300zx Callaway

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Callaway also used the 300zx hood scoop for their later VW Golf turbokit with top-mount intercooler :cool

I doubt their are records of the pre Corvette era available, as I had many pleasant conversations with Reeves about this begininnig years of Callaway turbosystems and only the good memories remain.

details got lost or in the hands of enthusiasts like me, my quest in name of the Callaway Owners Group is to track em and hope they share that information.
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